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Fringe Benefits Tax and EVs - All you need to know

Fringe Benefits Tax and EVs - All you need to know

From 1 July 2022, employers do not need to pay fringe benefits tax (FBT) on eligible electric cars and associated car expenses. Unlike other FBT exemptions, employers still need to determine the taxable value of the exempt car benefits to include it in their employee’s reportable fringe benefits amount (RFBA). Employers must report the RFBA on their employee’s income statement or payment summary. Employees should speak to their registered tax agent for advice on the consequences of having a reportable fringe benefits amount.

Wheel options for the Mitsubishi i-MiEV

A challenge of owning a vehicle that was only brought into Australia in low volume is access to after market parts. Sometimes, you have to get creative. Due to limited availability of wheel and tyre options for the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, owner and AEVA member Jamie Lovick needed to get creative.

JAC N55 Electric Delivery Truck Review

My first impressions of this nifty little electric truck.

The road to Zero Emissions Transportation is Clear!

The main message from the results of our Federal elections is that action on climate change and the road to get there is front and centre in most electorates. This is across party lines with the Teal candidates punishing recalcitrant policymakers in the outgoing government that ignored the elephant in the room for too long and the Greens making ground on the other side of the political spectrum. For too long transport and the adoption of electric vehicles have been left in the too hard basket. But what is the blueprint to make the adoption of electric vehicles ubiquitous?

Press Release - Australian Electric Vehicle Association Brings 2022 Electric Vehicle Conference and Exhibition to Canberra

The 2022 AEVA Conference and Exhibition will be held at Exhibition Park in Canberra from Friday 5 August.

Where is the charge port on that car?

Where is the charge port on that car?

Are you getting ready to install a power point or charging unit in your garage or carport, in preparation for getting an EV? Or are you planning to offer public charging, and want to know how to arrange your site? Here is where the charge ports are located on vehicles currently (or soon to be) available in Australia.


To save boot space in a Kona EV there have been a few solutions proposed to fit a 'temporary use' spare tyre to your Kona EV or other models, as many EVs do not come with a spare tyre. Please read the full article below that includes photos of what you will need to complete the process.