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To save boot space in a Kona EV there have been a few solutions proposed to fit a 'temporary use' spare tyre to your Kona EV or other models, as many EVs do not come with a spare tyre. Please read the full article below that includes photos of what you will need to complete the process.

Rivian Tunnel Camper Kitchen

Rivian R1T Truck Equipped With A Kitchen The perfect adventure truck even comes with its own built-in kitchen! Electric of course!

Who Can Service Electric Vehicles?

You're thinking of buying a new electric vehicle, and the dealer is saying that you have to take it to them for servicing. But they are 200 km from where you live - what a pain! Will you void your warranty if you take it to your regular mechanic?

Thermal management in EV batteries

Thermal management in EV batteries

Electric vehicles have come a long way, but the laws of physics haven't budged. Any electrical device will generate heat, and if not kept in check, that heat can do damage. This article covers some of the reasons why an EV battery should be kept cool, and details how some manufacturers are approaching the problem.