This competition is designed to recognise AEVA members who have travelled long distances in an EV to reach the AGM. A perpetual trophy organised by AEVA National Council was awarded for the first time in Devonport in 2017.

Previous Winners

2017 Sally Knight, 68 points, Adelaide SA to Devonport TAS 1012 km
2018 Trevor Richards, 29 points Mackay QLD to Brisbane QLD 1030 km
2019 Glen George, Beaconsfield QLD to Sydney

2020 Not awarded due to COVID-19
2021 Not awarded due to COVID-19


Travelled distance alone is not a great indicator of the effort required to get somewhere in an EV.  We've developed a formula that also takes battery size and age into consideration.  The winner will be the one who scores the most points:
Our formula is:   (D/B)+A
Where D is the distance travelled in km, B is the battery capacity in kWh and A is the age of the battery in years.  This gives a number of points which is the figure used to find a winner. 

The Rules

  1. Open to any vehicle that uses an electric motor for propulsion, with that electricity stored but not generated on the vehicle.  This excludes pedal-assist electric pushbikes and solar powered vehicles.
  2. Plug-in hybrid vehicles may enter, but the EV Journey will start at the last time the ICE was used.
  3. The start of the EV Journey shall be counted as the point on the trip furthest from the destination, and side trips will not count toward the distance travelled.  E.g., if a car travelled from Sydney to Brisbane, then on to AGM in Melbourne, the distance would be from Brisbane to Melbourne.
  4. Vehicles may be carried a portion of the journey (e.g. by trailer or ferry), with that distance not counted toward the distance travelled.
  5. Battery size is nominal usable, as claimed by the manufacturer (or builder) when new. 
  6. Battery age is to the nearest year, starting at the vehicle's manufacturing date, or, if the battery is newer than the vehicle, the date of installation of the battery in the vehicle.
  7. Entrants must be members of AEVA at the time of the journey.
  8. The EV Journey will be as reported by the driver(s), and will be subject to scrutiny by the judge (a member of the destination AEVA branch).  Drivers are encouraged to keep logbooks and/or photographic evidence to support their claims in case of disputes.
  9. The EV Journey will be limited to a time period of four weeks prior to the date of the AGM.  Travel earlier than this date will not be counted towards the EV Journey.