Electric vehicles offer many benefits, both to the community and to their owners.  This page will serve as a repository of information about charging, economics, and the logistics of owning and operating an EV.  It's actually quite simple when you dig down, but because it's different, it may seem overwhelming.

The articles below will serve as a starting point for the uninitiated - how to charge, when to charge, and how to plan a long trip.  Also trips on how best to use rooftop solar to charge your EV, and to make th emost of cheap tariffs while you can.

Learn about what models of EV are available in Australia with our very informative EV Fact Sheets

Did you know that from July 1st 2023, EVs are exempt from Fringe Benefits Tax? Click here to learn more!

Bloomberg New Energy Finance compiled an EV fact sheet for the COP17 climate conference which lists all the latest (November 2022) facts and figures around electric vehicle production, statistics and trajectories. Download it here.

Calculate your EV savings with this handy spreadsheet.  You will need Microsoft Excel or similar.

What's better for the planet - buying a new EV or driving my diesel into the ground? Short answer is the new EV. Check out this spreadsheet here!

Can I get my EV serviced by any mechanic? A helpful guide.

EV Charging basics

Tim and Jenny love their Kona EV!

Thermal management of EV batteries - especially during charge!

EV charging at home (with solar it's free!)

Plugshare; how to use it to full advantage

Charging a converted car in public