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Is this the death of CHAdeMO?

Since electric vehicles began to be commercially available in Australia, there have been two main DC fast charging standards used on vehicles and on DC fast chargers: CHAdeMO and CCS2. Vehicles fitted with CHAdeMO are fast becoming a minority. What does the future hold for these vehicles?

State of the Union - European Association for Electromobility Report

State of the Union - European Association for Electromobility Report

The European Association for Electromobility (AVERE) recently presented at a Global EV Alliance (GEVA) meeting an update on government and business policy development, progress on EVs and emissions, as well as reporting on critical supply-chain matters relating to EV manufacture. The results are heartening, but the challenges remain large.

Fuel efficiency standards explained

Incredibly, Australia has no mandatory fuel efficiency standard for light vehicles. As has widely been reported, the Australian Government is currently consulting on a fuel efficiency standard (FES) to improve the fuel efficiency of vehicles imported in Australia. However, such standards are not entirely straightforward and this article will help demystify some of the details.

Know Your EV Workshops a Big Success

Through the experience of its members, the ACT branch of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA) identified in early 2023 that driver education was a growing issue for the transition to EVs.

Canberra fast becoming Australia’s little Norway

Anyone paying attention to the take-up of electric vehicles (EVs) in Australia will be well aware that the Australian Capital Territory is the jurisdiction with the fastest growing fleet of electric vehicles. However, for those of us involved with EVs in Canberra for some time, it has been a slow journey.