Australian Electric Vehicle Association

Charging your EV is very different to visiting a petrol station: it offers the opportunity to exercise good manners, which seem to have become less important in modern life.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t charge for longer than 30 minutes if someone else is waiting – they may actually NEED to charge to make it home. This is especially important with DC rapid chargers, where half an hour provides more than enough to get you going.
  • Always log your charging session on Plugshare – others will be able to see that the charger is in use and that it is actually working.
  • Never try to unplug another vehicle even if it looks like it has finished charging – it’s a bit like putting your hand in someone else’s pocket!
  • Use Plugshare – it’s free!
  • Use 50kW rapid charging if your car can’t benefit from an available 100-350 kW ultrafast charger – preventing someone from ultrafast charging is unforgivable.
  • Always log your session on Plugshare and leave your mobile number on the dashboard – a waiting person can call you if something has gone wrong, or if they want to know how long you expect to be.
  • Don’t use a rapid charger for a plug-in hybrid EV (PHEV) if someone with a battery EV (BEV) is waiting to charge – they NEED to charge, whereas you are just topping up and can burn fossil fuels to get where you’re going.
  • Use Plugshare – it is suitable for all platforms, phones, tablets and web browsers.
  • Always return the charger cable to the hanger and the plug to its dock.
  • Never leave your rubbish around the charger and remove the rubbish of others.
  • Use Plugshare – it works!
  • If you find a charger unit not working or damaged, call it in and log the fault on Plugshare to save someone else from wasting their time.
  • Don’t assume that your friend will welcome you charging at their home – they might be happy if you ask nicely (but don’t assume) and don’t be offended if they object. Always offer to pay afterwards (50c/kWh would be reasonable). Mostly, people will not accept payment but it’s polite to offer.
  • Don’t share your friend’s house on Plugshare!
  • NEVER park in a charging spot if you are not charging.
  • If you discover an ICE vehicle parked in a charging spot, or preventing access, leave a nice note, informing them that charging is vitally important and requesting that they park elsewhere in the future. Offer to follow up if they’d like to know more about the coming EV revolution.
  • Use Plugshare!