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Smoothly accelerating the EV transition. If it moves, make it electric!


The EV transition is happening! It is inevitable. It is unstoppable.

Vic Branch aims to help smoothly accelerate this transition. We provide free and independent education to the public, friendly peer-to peer support, advocate for EV policies, and work in partnership with like-minded groups.

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Join AEVA to share the benefits from:

  • Keeping up to date with the latest breaking EV news and innovations
  • Access to specialised knowledge from EV conversions and inspiration for DIY projects
  • Being part of a tipping point and inevitable transition to electric drive
  • Learning from and sharing real-world experiences with EV drivers and others in the EV field
  • A diverse and inclusive like-minded- community
  • Financial discounts or special offers on selected EV events, and
  • Opportunities to influence policy and collaborate with other EV enthusiasts


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Unless otherwise notified, the Vic Branch holds a monthly member event on the third Tuesday of each month (excluding January) at:

Mackie Road Neighbourhood House

36 - 42 Mackie Rd, Mulgrave VIC 3170



A notice is usually sent to members and non-members one week prior to the event.

A reminder is then sent one or two days prior, including the full agenda and other details. 


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We also have a regional Victorian sub-branch:

Geelong: meets the first Friday of every month (excluding January).


Our 2023-4 Branch committee members are:

Vic Branch

  • Chair: Kathleen Davies

  • Vice-Chair: Paul Fallon

  • Treasurer: Dan Edwards

  • Secretary: Rick Molloy

  • Director Representative on AEVA National Board: Riz Akhtar

  • General Committee Members: Brendan Davies, James Kirk, Richard Laxton, David Potter, Blake Ramsey, Tom Singer, Peter Stevens, Aldo Vera.


Geelong Sub-Branch

  • Convenor: Blake Ramsey



For more information on the Vic Branch, please contact:

Secretary - Rick Molloy

Ph: 0407 228 189