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Five plug-in hybrids compared

At the AEVA ACT meeting on 18 October 2021, a panel discussed their experiences with five plug-in hybrids: A Hyundai Ioniq PHEV, a Holden Volt, a Mitsubishi Outlander, a BMW 330e and a Prius Prime.

[firstname] [lastname] Dowerin EV Muster 7 November

  Hello [firstname], On the 7th of November we are having an EV muster in the wheatbelt at Dowerin which is 157km from Perth. The event will be held at the Dowerin Field Day site.Event details and (free ) registration are here https://www.aeva.asn.au/events/308/We will be assembling a large gathering of EVs to promote EV charging - the event was created by Jon Edwards whose goal of placing Biofil chargers across the Nullabor is the  primary reason the event is taking place. We hope to get a large group photo and drone video around midday for media.There will be decision makers present and decisions about the lack of  chargers on the Nullabor will be influenced by the gathering of EVs in Dowerin. We would love to have your support.Multiple organisations including  AEVA, TOCA and TOCWA and EV Meets  will be represented at …

AEVA WA Branch Meeting (and newsletter)

Dear [firstname], Firstly, sorry about the short notice, but we'll be holding a fairly casual meeting at the Curtin University Physical Sciences building (building 301) tomorrow night (Tuesday the 14th of September) from 6 pm.  Several of us on the committee have been busy, elsewhere, or otherwise unable to plan our monthly meeting, so we're very sorry about that!  Also, there is a national branch chair's meeting using Zoom at the same time as our meeting, so the Zoom simulcast won't be operational as per usual.  That said, Curtin University doesn't have the same audiovisual package that UWA's Billings room does, so it wouldn't be as nice anyway.  So, we'd like to get the formalities normally covered at a meeting in this newsletter, and save the best part for the meetup; hanging around, drinking tea and shooting the breeze about …


To save boot space in a Kona EV there have been a few solutions proposed to fit a 'temporary use' spare tyre to your Kona EV or other models, as many EVs do not come with a spare tyre. Please read the full article below that includes photos of what you will need to complete the process.

Rivian Tunnel Camper Kitchen

Rivian R1T Truck Equipped With A Kitchen The perfect adventure truck even comes with its own built-in kitchen! Electric of course!

EV Showcase at Eldorado attracts thousands of visitors

Thousands of visitors attended the EV Showcase at the Off-Grid Living Festival held at Eldorado over the weekend of 10-11 April 2021.