You’re invited to Climate Tasmania’s politics in the pub event on August 2nd, where we’ll discuss the next stop for emissions reductions in lutruwita/Tasmania: electrification of vehicles, and increased public and active transport.  Speakers include Sarah Russell (RECFIT), Professor Richard Eccleston (UTAS Policy Exchange), Anthony Broese van Groenou (Good Car Co.), Alison Hetherington (Bicycle Network), and Rachel Hay (Climate Tasmania).

This builds on the recently released report on solutions for emissions in the transport sector, available here.  Attendance is free, but registration is essential: Register Here

Last year, the Tasmanian Government committed to a target of net zero emissions by 2030. But our net zero status isn’t secured, given our continuing emissions and reliance on unpredictable land use and forestry offsets.  Transport, Tasmania’s second highest emitting sector at 21%, provides excellent potential for abatement of carbon emissions in the short term. But with electric vehicle ownership at less than 1% and public transport and active transport use low, more needs to be done to incentivise uptake.  With the Tasmanian Government currently developing a plan for transport sector decarbonisation which is due by the end of the year, there’s no better time than now to talk about reforming Tasmania’s transport.

We look forward to seeing you there!