Community organisations, social enterprises and not for profits are invited to apply for a zero-interest loan to pay for climate-beneficial projects such as installing solar panels, improving energy efficiency, switching away from fossil gas use, or purchasing electric vehicles.

CORENA is a non-profit organisation focused on helping community organisations deliver projects that achieve immediate reductions in carbon emissions and costs. The public donate the funds and you receive independent advice and a zero-interest loan to fund your project. The resultant savings on energy/fuel bills cover the loan repayments into our revolving fund which are re-invested to help other community organisations. This means you can do your part to help tackle the climate emergency without diverting any of your budget away from delivering services to your community. And when your project has ‘paid for itself’ you’ll have lower operating costs, meaning more money available for your core purpose.

CORENA recently worked with CERES Fair Food to provide a zero-interest loan for two of the first electric Ford Transit Vans to arrive in Australia later this year. As part of this project we developed a case study outlining the charging infrastructure needed and the cost and carbon savings CERES might be able to expect. It is available here:

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