The ACT has some of Australia’s most generous incentives for zero emissions vehicle purchase and registration including, from 29 April 2024:

No stamp duty

Zero and low emissions vehicles (less than 130g/km) are eligible for a full stamp duty exemption. Visit this ACT Government page to find out more.

Two years free registration

Two years free registration are available for new or used zero emissions vehicles registered in the ACT until 1 July 2024.  AEVA has developed a table to help understand how the two years of free registration is being phased out.

Emissions-based registration

From 1 July 2024, the registration fees for all vehicles in the ACT will be set according to CO2 tailpipe emissions. Zero emissions vehicles will, naturally, pay the lowest registration fee. The most polluting vehicles will pay the most.

Interest-free loans up to $15,000

The Sustainable Household Scheme provides interest-free loans up to $15,000 to contribute to the purchase of new and second-hand zero emissions vehicles. Note: it is not possible to purchase second-hand vehicles privately. Loans are only available when buying from vendors registered for the Scheme.

ACT Government policies

The ACT Government's Zero Emissions Vehicles Strategy 2022-30 outlines its proposed actions to support the uptake of zero emissions vehicles. For more details, see this ACT Government page.

In the lead-up to the 2024 ACT Legislative Assembly Election, AEVA ACT has issued its policy recommendations for election candidates and voters.

Zero Emissions Go Electric Project

The Australian Electric Vehicle Association ACT coordinated the Zero Emissions Go Electric Project funded through the ACT Government’s Community Zero Emission Grants Program.