Individual fact sheets for all currently available new electric motorcycles in Australia are being developed - check in here for regular updates!

In keeping with the theme of BEV Fact Sheets, a standard two-page format has been adopted to enable easier comparisons between individual bikes.

These sheets have been thoroughly researched as best we can, but its possible that errors occur. Please contact Chris Jones ( for any corrections.

Important note: these are an introductory sheet only and do not cover all options in any detail. People intending to purchase any of these bikes should contact their closest retailer for more detailed (and hopefully the most up-to-date) information.


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Summary list of electric motorcycles available now  

Zero S / SR / SR F / SR S
 Zero DS / DSR / DSR X
Zero FX / FX E


  Energica Experia
  Energica Ribelle / Eva / Esse Esse
  Energica Ego
  Harley Davidson Livewire
  Evoke Urban S
  Stark Varg
  Sur-Ron Light Bee
   Fonz Moto Arthur 6
   Fonz Moto NKD
Savic C series