Who is Wevolt?

Wevolt is a people-powered EV charging network aiming to fill the current void in
electric vehicle infrastructure. We facilitate a shared economy of electric vehicle
chargers, providing a solution for acquiring and sharing access to EV chargers.

Our innovative cloud-based Charge Point Management System (CPMS) and
eMobility® platform enables this process, empowering the EV community to grow
Australia’s EV infrastructure network.

Wevolt is the Airbnb™ for EV charging infrastructure.

Our EV charging infrastructure network is powered by individuals, businesses, and
communities who are willing to host charging stations on their property or premises
and make them available to the public.

Hosted charging stations are made available for use in private homes, businesses
and public locations.

  • Retail and public car parking lots
  • Residential properties
  • Service stations
  • Fleets
  • Commercial sites
  • Shop front parking

Revolutionising the EV infrastructure network

Wevolt’s innovative model delivers a level of infrastructure growth that most other EV charging networks cannot come close to achieving.

  • Charging infrastructure is owned and operated by individuals and communities.
  • Our network is supported by an innovative cloud-based Charge Point
    Management System (CPMS)

At Wevolt, we are committed to building a charging network that is accessible,
reliable, and easy to use.

By making it more convenient for people to use electric vehicles, the Wevolt network
will positively impact the environment and the communities we serve.

The current situation for EVs

Electric vehicle take-up is at an all-time high in Australia, and this trend is set to
continue with an estimated 3 million EVs predicted to be on Australian roads by

However, the growth of EV infrastructure required to support these electric vehicles
is not keeping pace. McKinsey & Company’s Global Infrastructure Initiative estimates
that 2.8 million charging points and AUD $18 billion of investment in charging
infrastructure is needed over the next eight years.

EV infrastructure is not keeping pace with the demand for electric vehicles.

The Problem: Lack of adequate EV infrastructure

The inadequate development of EV infrastructure in our communities is impacting
the industry, impeding the growth of electric vehicle ownership in a number of ways:

  • Range anxiety – The lack of available charging infrastructure limits the range
    people can confidently travel in their EVs
  • Inadequate charging infrastructure – There is limited distribution of chargers in
    the places where people typically park (workplaces, shopping centres,
    recreation areas)
  • Limited fast charging infrastructure – Slow charging speed means charging
    vehicles is time consuming
  • Lack of pricing consistency and visibility – Prices at charge points vary widely
    and there is a lack of transparency in pricing and the different payment options
  • Fragmented EV charging networks – Recharging access cards and apps from EV
    charging providers/ operators only work with their network charge points
  • Planning a trip with an EV requires effort – There is no easy, intelligent tripplanning solution
  • Lack of charging information – There isn’t a source of complete and accurate
    charging station information, including real-time availability
  • Lack of incentive to grow charging infrastructure – There are few incentives
    available to individuals and businesses to contribute to the growth of EV
  • Risk of grid overload – The sparse data available on EV charging is outdated,
    based on small regional studies or siloed within organisations

The solution: Wevolt’s people-powered network

Wevolt offers a revolutionary and innovative solution to build an EV charging
network that is convenient, accessible, reliable, and easy to use.

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