Pioneer EV

Pioneer is Australia’s leading manufacturer of ICT and IoT equipment and device including Notebooks, PCs, Servers, Tablet, Smart Meters, Smart Sensors, EV Chargers and Solutions since 1996 according to IDC reports, as first place winner two years running in the COMPUTEX Top 10 Global Supplier Awards 2010 and 2011, plus iF Product Design Award 2013, Computex Top 30 Supplier Award 2013 and Global Organization of Smart Cities Go Smart Award 2020 Finalist in Taipei. The stunning performance of our innovative technology products has won over 100 awards globally with multi-national teams, offices and presentations for more than 20 years.

Pioneer partners with world-class research facilities internationally to take advantage of the latest technology. These long standing relationships enable Pioneer to offer "best of breed" technology including Tablets, Smart Phones, Laptops, AIO PCs , Servers, Smart Sensors and IoT Devices to the market ahead of its time. These achievements include the release of one of the first NB IoT smoke alarm, ultrasonic water and gas meter Solutions in 2017, world's first patent none - invasive glucose meter in 2015, the world's first quad core notebook in 2007, the world's first facial recognition notebook in 2005, the world's first digital TV tuner for MCE Media Centres in 2005, the world's smallest PC in 2002, and many more. Our production facilities are located in Sydney and overseas, and our products are sold throughout the world in many countries including Japan, China, Brazil, India, Russia, New Zealand, and the Asia Pacific, European, American, Middle Eastern and African regions.

Pioneer is an annual participant in several high profile technology trade shows including the China Hi-Tech Fair, ICT Expo HK, and

Major investors in Pioneer including well-known publicly listed multi-national corporations.

Pioneer has 8 divisions as following, details at
1. Pioneer Computers: Australia’s Leading Manufacturer of ICT, details at
2. Pioneer IoT: World's Leading Smart City Solution Provider, details at
3. Pioneer AI: Australia’s Leading AI/ML HPC, Device and Solutions Provider, details at
4. Pioneer EV: Australia’s Leading EV and EVC Supplier, details at
5. Pioneer Medical: Australia’s Leading Medical Technology Provider, details at
6. Pioneer 3D: Australia’s Leading 3D Design and Print Solution Provider, details at
7. Pioneer Defence: Australia’s Leading Defence Solution Provider, details at
8. Australia’s Leading E-Commerce Platform, details at


Pioneer is an approved supplier to all levels of Australia government - Federal, State and Local.

  • ISO 9001 Quality Endorsed Manufacturer
  • Australian Government Contract Supplier DTA ICT 40233
  • Australian Defence CDIC LoRS Manufacturer
  • NSW Local Government Panel Contract LGP IT & C Product & Smart Cities
  • NSW State Government Panel Contract C999
  • NSW Government ICT Services Scheme SCM0020
  • NSW Destination Charging Electric Vehicle Charger Approved Supplier
  • Local Government Contract LGP321: Supply of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Australia Electric Vehicle Council (EVC) Approved Supplier
  • QLD, NT, TAS Government Local Buy Contract LB308 for ICT Solutions, Products, Services and New Technologies

Partner and member of:

  • Australia Industry Defence Network (AIDN)
  • Space Industry Association of Australia (SIAA)
  • IoT Alliance Australia (IoTAA)
  • Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC )
  • Australian Technology and Investment Committee (ATIC)
  • NSW Smart Sensor Network (NSSN)
  • Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA)
  • Global Organization of Smart Cities (GO SMART)

Globally, Pioneer has been working on government projects in Asia Pacific, European, American, Middle Eastern and African regions
and the rest of the world. In conjunction with local associates, Pioneer offers tailored ICT and AIoT solutions to government projects
with nationwide rollout and warranties. Pioneer has successfully established a global network of technology and investment partners
and bring together a wealth of resources, skills and capital.

Global Partners Network

Pioneer has over 27 years’ experience delivering products and solutions worldwide through an established channel of over 4000
partners and dealers in the world. Partners are offered sales leads, ongoing support and healthy margins that represent attractive
business opportunities to our long-term partners.

Mass Retail Market
With established relationships and storewide support, Pioneer has successfully helped a number of global vendors to extend their market presence in the mass retail sector. For example a select range of Pioneer products are now available from mass retailers such as Big W, Kmart, Harvey Norman and Domayne. 
Pioneer is working in partnership with associates to develop mass retail market to
the rest of the world

Capacity and Case Studies
Some of Pioneer Key Projects:
1) Delivered more than 10,000 Pioneer customized tablets integrated into Pioneer DJ controllers in Japan and globally after
3-year co-development with Pioneer Japan.
2) Delivered more than 30,000 Pioneer computers, TVs and devices to more than 600 stores for Harvey Norman, Kmart, Big W
and Woolworths in Australia
3) Delivered up to 10,000 computers and devices to more than 400 local councils under panel contract in NSW, QLD, NT and
TAS etc.
4) Developed and delivered up to 3,000 Pioneer prison computers and devices to most of prisons in ACT and VIC
5) Developed and delivered up to 1,000 Pioneer AI HPC and ( up to $100k each) and devices to University of Sydney, University
of Melbourne, UTS, University of Wollongong, University of Newcastle etc.
6) Developed and delivered and completed the first stage of a $270 million project with China’s Ministry of Education to refresh
computer exam systems at schools in Southern China as on the CRN news:
7) Developed and delivered more than 300,000 Pioneer digital media tablets and devices for China’s high-speed railway as on
the CRN news:

Some of Ongoing Pioneer Key Projects:

1) Developing and rolling out the world’s most advance sea water proof Coast Guard UAV for Australian Defence and other 20
allied countries in pacific region
2) Working and rolling out the world’s most advanced Pioneer smart NB IoT ultrasonic water and gas meters with Sydney Water
and Jemena etc. in the last 6 years, the new meters are replacing up to 100 million old meters and distributed by Telstra in
Australia and Vodafone worldwide
3) Working on the world’s most advanced Pioneer smart NB IoT smoke alarm with self-test feature with Vodafone and ANZ’s
largest alarm service provider in the last 6 years to replace more than 100 million old smoke alarms in ANZ and globally
4) Working and rolling out the world’s first patent 5G AI livestock counter and 5G smart ID solution for animal welfare monitoring
with MLA and Department of Agriculture in the last 4 years for 70 million sheep and 80 million cattle in ANZ and globally
5) Working on the up to $100m VPX computers and displays for Defence Land 400 and Sea 1000 projects etc., and other
electronic warfare solutions in the last 5 years
6) Working and rolling out million dollars of Pioneer EV and EV chargers for hundreds of local councils under LGP321 panel
contracts for the next 10 years, with partnership with Australian Post, AGL, Origin, NRMA, BP and Ampol etc.
7) Working and rolling out one of the world’s first patent none-invasive glucose meters for 100 million diabetes patients as on the
CRN news:

8) Working and rolling Smart Library Management Solution to Libraries and Schools, Councils and Prisons, etc.

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