Mark W's Hilux Ute

Vehicle Specifications:

Vehicle: Toyota Hilux 2WD trayback ute

Owner: Mark Winstanley

Builder: Tim Brunner (Perth)

Battery: 145 Volts Li-NMC prismatic cells (70 Ah). Originally from an Outlander PHEV.

Motor: Warp 9 DC brushed motor

Controller: Soliton DC PWM 1000 A controller.

Charging: Zivan Onboard charger, 15 A plug (weatherproof!)

Cost: Estimated $15,000, but was bought secondhand and improved.

This Hilux 2WD trayback ute was originally converted by EV Works in the late 2000s using Thundersky LFP cells, and has been continuously updated. It's currently sporting a battery out of a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, and it's lighter than the original tare weight!


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