Find My EV

Are we there yet? EVs are going to change the way we consume cars.

The way we buy cars has changed forever; we just don’t know it yet. At Find My EV, we have a vision that EV consumption is a person-centric process and part of a life-long relationship that extends beyond the vehicle. Why do we believe that? Because we see EVs as different to ICE as mobiles are to landlines. The only thing they really have in common is a wheel at each corner.

An EV is not only transport, but it’s going to probably be the major portion of your electricity consumption, a battery on wheels connected to your home, and a conduit for services like maps, route planning, and in-car entertainment and enrichment. No more fuel vouchers from supermarkets and shop-a-dockets. What better place to influence where you shop than when you are in the vehicle that’s taking you there? In which case, why not wrap most of those services into the point of purchase? How are we bringing this vision to life?

By 2030 Find My EV is where you will consume transport and services in a customer-centric way. We’ll help you find an EV that’s right for you. Then help you pick a vehicle and consumption patten that’s right for you – be that outright purchase, leasing, subscription or sharing. Finally we’ll bundle electricity and other services to deliver an enduring service-oriented outcome.

Are we there yet? Not quite. Right now, we have every EV and PHEV available and some that are coming soon in the Australian market in our database and a simple question and answer interface to elicit your driving habits. We then compute an individual match score for each vehicle based on your requirements and rank them in the search results. We’ve tried to present you with an informationpallet that’s relevant to you. Stars for daily and weekend range, a smiley if you’ll be able to charge overnight on a basic charging set up and how many minutes it would take to add 100km of range at the fastest possible charging rate the car can take. There are links to the brand and pre-populated searches for new/used vehicles on Carsales.

We aren’t selling anything, we just want to make sure you find what you need. Our first complimentary value-add service is to assist you in booking a test drive with a dealer who actually has that EV and is interested to sell it to you and not just talk you into an ICE he wants to move (we’ve heard some horror stories).

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