Christopher's Subaru Brumby

Vehicle Specifications:

Vehicle: 1992 Subaru Brumby

Owner: Christopher Walkden

Builder: Christopher Walkden

Battery: 40 kWh Lithium NMC

Motor: Brushed DC, Kostov K10

Controller: Kelly 1000A DC

Charging: 3 kW via Type 2 socket

Kerb Weight: 1200 kg

Driving Range: 130 km

Total Cost: Perhaps $40k as-is. Has cost much more over the years!

First converted in 2012, this Brumby has been through several 'versions' over the years. FIrst with lead-acid, then LFP, now NMC batteries, it's grown more and more practical with each upgrade. Complete details and a build log can be found here:



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