Bernadette's Honda S800

Vehicle Specifications

Vehicle: 1968 Honda S800

Owner: Bernadette Savage

Builder: OZ Electric Vehicles

Battery: 30 kWh, 96 Volt nominal, Li-NMV

Motor: Hyper 9 (low voltage AC motor)

Controller: Hyper9 supplied with motor

Charging: Type 2, up to 7 kW onboard charging

Kerb Weight: 1200 kg (estimate)

Driving Range: 200 km

Total Cost: $90,000

Car was missing all driveline, brakes and steering column and was rusty and dented. It was a perfect candidate for resto and conversion. Has a 30 kWh NCM pack running a H9 directly coupled to the rear tail shaft and 5:11 ratio rear diff, car accelerates well and easily climbs hills. Car electrics all now 12 volt , speedo and Tacho now run off motor controller. We used a gear lever looking direction switch, used aftermarket steering column designed as universal for Hot-rods. Rear diff and driveshaft are from early Suzuki 4WD. Alloy rims off later model Honda reworked to tidy up, body shell resto by Queens Rd Smash, all new upholstery by Carman, Type-2 charging port behind rear numberplate, Orion BMS controls the charging port. It will eventually have one-pedal like driving, as well as a brake line pressure sensor. 4 wheel disc brakes from a Daewoo.

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