The Australian Electric Vehicle Association

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Responsibilities and Obligations of Officers



Councilors (The National Council serves as the Committee for the Association in law)

Committee members are required to be familiar with the rules of the Constitution and the Associations Incorporation Reform Act (Victoria) 2012.

The Committee is collectively responsible for ensuring the association complies with the act.



All Branch committee members have an obligation to ensure the rules of the association are upheld.

Committee members must exercise their powers and discharge their duties, in good faith for the best interests of the association and for a proper purpose.

Committee members and former members must not make improper use of their position, or information acquired by virtue of that position to gain advantage for themselves or any other person or to cause detriment to the association.

Specific Conflict of Interest provision (65)

A Committee member who has a material personal interest in a matter being considered at a committee meeting, must disclose that interest and, must not be present when that matter is being discussed, and must not vote on the matter.  However, this rule does not apply to an interest common to all, or a large proportion of members, or relating to a class of persons for whose interests and benefit the association is established.



Secretary 48 (4)

Keep a contact list of current branch members and ensure details of new members joining at the branch are informed to the National Secretary and the Membership Secretary.

Keep the records and minutes of meetings and any official correspondence.

Keep custody of all other books and documents, except for the financial records.


Treasurer 49 (4)

Receive all monies, issue receipts as required and ensure all monies are banked promptly.

Make all payments authorised by the committee or a general meeting, ensuring all financial instruments (cheques – withdrawals) are authorised by at least 2 committee members.

Keep financial records in accordance with the relevant legislation.

Prepare financial statements and certification statement for presentation to the annual general meeting and forward this information to the National Treasurer shortly after.

Ensure at least one other committee member has access to the accounts and records.


It is most strongly recommended that all transactions conducted by a Branch are put through the Branch bank account, so that a verified record can be produced.

It is strongly recommended that committees ensure that any person serving as Treasurer be known to be of good character, a permanent resident, and personally financially stable.