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AEVA Privacy Policy

The Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA) collects personal information that is needed for it to deliver services to its members, and to achieve its purpose. This information can include contact details, or other information relating to a person that is relevant or incidental.

We promise to respect your privacy and not share your personal information with others without either your express permission, or when we are legally required to do so. Other than that, your personal details are kept secure. 

Collecting information

Any information AEVA collects will be at the level that is reasonable for that purpose.
Personal information will be collected from the person in most cases.

Access to information

Access to personal information is restricted.  It is available only to those AEVA staff and volunteers with a need to access this information to perform required tasks in accordance with the approved activities of the association.

Passing on information to others

The AEVA does not pass on personal information to third parties unless it has received consent from the person. The AEVA may forward a third party’s details to a person on its database, so that they can then get in touch with that third party at their own discretion.

Use of personal information

The AEVA may use personal information to:

  • Let members know about upcoming events or activities
  • Ask people if they want to take part in activities or contribute to forums
  • Forward information to people that may be of interest
  • Run fundraising campaigns in order to achieve approved outcomes
  • Maintain, seek renewals or process orders or memberships
  • Seek information or responses to surveys

Access to your own personal information

On request, the AEVA will provide access to personal information kept on a person to that person.

If you have any queries or concerns about the treatment of your personal information by the Australian Electric Vehicle Association or you would like to make corrections to inaccuracies in that information, please contact us in any of the following ways:

By Post: PO Box 5285, Clayton, Vic, 3168
By Email:

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