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We all want to keep in touch not only with our members, but also with people who are interested in EVs, but don't (or haven't yet) joined.  This page describes the mailing lists that are available so each branch can do this.

Mailing lists are available through the add-on CRM module on the AEVA web site (see here for more).

Each branch has access to two mailing lists, one for current members, and another for people who are interested in local AEVA activities.  The latter is called an announce list, which clearly displays its intent: it's for announcing activities, events, meetings etc to anybody who is vaguely interested in EVs.  (Note that this shouldn't be done too often or the subscribers will feel bombarded and then unsubscribe.)

AEVA branch officers are given access to parts of the CRM to allow them to send emails to either or both of the groups of people subscribed to these mailing lists.  (If you don't have the acces that you should, please contact the webmaster via the contact link at the top of the page.)

There are some activities that you will want to do with these lists:

Add people

People can be added to the list by doing it themselves, or you can:

People adding themselves

I have added a 'block' in the right hand sidebar of the home page and every branch home page with a link to this page: Hopefully it is self-explanatory.

(I have tried having an 'inline' email subscription block in the sidebar - it is doable, but I don't have the html to make it look acceptable, so will leave this to a future project.)

Adding people

Let's assume you will be adding email addresses of people who attended the last branch meeting.

You need permissions to access CiviCRM (this is something that is set up manually, so assuming that you are somebody who should have the permissions, if you don't, please contact the webmaster via the contacts page to get set up properly.)


Remove or update people

If you open a browser page using this link:, you should see a listing of two groups - the groups of people associated with the mailing lists for your branch.

Send emails

There are basically two ways to send a message to a mailing list: directly or via  mailing. You would send directly if you have fewer than 50 people to send to.

See here for the manual:


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