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Welcome to the AEVA knowledge base.

This is a Wiki for all sorts of information about EV and AEVA and is the place where we can, as a group, summarise knowledge about EVS , their place in the world, progress in their manufacture, how to do our own conversions and so on.

Only subscribed AEVA members can edit a page after they have logged in. But as with all joint activities we need a few ground rules:-

* If you want to tidy a bit of grammar, spelling or logic....just do it and thanks

* If making larger additions and/or deletions add a comment on your ideas and reasons.

* Use links for additional knowledge on a topic but not instead of required information. (eg a statement about motors types and sizing might add a link to video graphics of how the different motor types work).

* Remember that there is joint ownership and authorship of this knowledge base. Set up a blog to present your own activities.

* Remember also that this is not a forum as the summary document is the purpose of a discussion (as with wikipedia). But important conclusions from a forum discussion might be added here.

EV Fact Sheets

EV fact sheets for all currently available BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles) in Australia.

These are a 2 page summary of the basic features of each BEV in a standard format to enable easier comparisons between the vehicles.

These sheets have been thoroughily researched and been through an editing panel before finalising, so they should (!?) be correct as of the time of printing. (Month each sheet was created is at bottom of 2nd column of second page).

For use by branches to print for event stands etc., as well as for the information of members.

Note they are an introductory sheet only and do not cover options in any detail. People intending to purchase any of these vehicles must refer to the current sales brochure/website/dealer for detailed (and most up-to-date) information.

Also included is a sheet listing all the BEVs and PHEVs available in Australia.

Created and maintained by Bryce Gaton – they will be updated as and when the models change.

If you find any typos or errors in the sheets – email Bryce at to get the sheet updated.

Aust BEVs PHEVs 1.8.19 V0.1.pdf
EV fact sheet BMW i3 V0.6-4.pdf
EV fact sheet Hyundai Ioniq electric V0.6-3.pdf
EV fact sheet Hyundai Kona electric V0.6-4.pdf
EV fact sheet Jaguar I-Pace V0.6-1.pdf
EV fact sheet Nissan ZE1 Leaf V0.6-1.pdf
EV fact sheet Renault Kangoo ZE V0.5-5.pdf
EV fact sheet Renault Zoe V0.5-5.pdf
EV fact sheet Tesla S V0.6-6.pdf
EV fact sheet Tesla X V0.6-6.pdf
EV fact sheet Tesla 3 V0.6-2.pdf



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