The Australian Electric Vehicle Association

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Governing documents and principles

The official procedures of the association are governed by its constitution and the relevant sections of the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012

The AEVA is incorporated as a not for profit association. In law this means it does not seek pecuniary benefit for its members.  Being not for profit brings certain benefits, such as simpler financial reporting and tax benefits, as no income tax or GST reporting is required.

However it also brings certain obligations and restrictions. It means the resources of the Association must be directed towards its objectives as described in its Constitution, the primary one being.

“To promote the use and development of Electric Vehicles” &”to educate and inform” (see Part 1)

Therefore, while the association and its branches can stage events and hold meetings, and these may also be enjoyable social events where people get together, they must primarily be in line with one or more of the objectives of the association, or be required by the rules of the association.

For example : Committee meetings, or General Meetings  or activities which are required  as part of the normal business of the  association. For these, expenditures by members (officials) in line with activities meeting the above requirements shall be reimbursed. See Part 1 (6)

Any expenditure of association funds must be in line with the objectives or as part of the ‘normal business’ required to keep the association active.  For example; An end of year party- would not be proper expenditure, but an educational excursion to a factory or transport workshop or a visit to a company in the industry to foster  relations which is electric vehicle related  is. 

On the revenue side, AEVA is not a trading company, it cannot retail or wholesale goods for profit. The available sources of revenue, are public subscription (membership fees) donations, sponsorship (advertising), sale or resale of leaflets, and publications and media, sale or resale of trivia, (T-Shirts, mugs posters etc.) Recognised fund raising activities – entrance fees to shows, or events, sausage/ hot dog stall, cake nights etc.