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AGM Procedures


  • All Branches must hold an AGM prior to the National AGM.
  • Notification of the Branch AGM needs to be sent to Branch Members at least 4 weeks before the meeting.
  • The Membership Secretary will provide details of current financial members to the Branch Secretaries.
  • Official Branch numbers are reported as at the date of the Branch AGM, this includes any members renewing on the day.
  • The Branch financial statements must be presented at the Branch AGM, please forward copies to the National Treasurer when they are done.
  • There needs be an attendance list at General meetings of Branches especially the Annual General meeting. This list should note the Committee members present and also the financial members present.  Without this there can be no verification there is a quorum and any resolutions made would not be valid. (including the resolution to accept the minutes of the previous meeting)
  • Minutes including details of elections and appointments must be recorded at the Branch AGM.

Procedure for submitting resolutions and proposals to the National AGM

The National AGM will only consider resolutions and proposals passed to it from the National Council meeting held immediately prior to the AGM. The AGM chair will not accept resolutions from the floor.  This is in order to not disenfranchise members of branches who are not present. The National Council will only consider resolutions and proposals submitted to it from branch meetings, and if they are submitted to the National Secretary in writing at least a week prior to the commencement of the AGM.

Thus, for a proposal to be considered at the National AGM, it must be initiated and resolved at a branch meeting.  The Branch Secretary must then send it to the National Secretary in writing (email is ok) to be received at least a week prior to the commencement of the AGM.  It will then be submitted to the National Council which will consider it for tabling at the AGM.


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