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The AEVA Public Policy Position

Australian Electric Vehicle Association Policy Statement as of June 2010

AIMS of the AEVA:    To promote the use, development and knowledge of electric vehicles for industrial, commercial, public, domestic and / or other purposes.


Benefits of Electric Vehicles:   The widespread adoption of electric vehicles for general transportation would offer a number of benefits to the Australian economy, environment and society as follows:

  • Zero Emissions

Electric vehicles produce no emissions at point of use, and when powered by sustainable energy sources, no greenhouse gases or other pollutants are produced.  This helps lower Australia’s carbon footprint, improve air quality and the health of Australians.

  • Energy Independence

The current need to import oil and petroleum products has significant economic and security ramifications for Australia.  Current electrical generating capacities are sufficient to enable the majority of transport needs in Australian cities to be met by electric vehicles.  Electric vehicles are not only inherently more efficient than internal combustion, but can allow better utilisation of off-peak electrical capacity and a lower, more stable cost of transport.

  • Sustainability

Fossil fuels are a limited resource, and their use has substantial environmental impact.  Australia has the potential to generate all of its power requirements by renewable methods.  Electric vehicles are able to make use of this natural advantage due to the unique nature of electricity as a power source.

  • Innovation and Growth

There is general consensus within the global automotive industry that the electrification of the automobile is inevitable.  Australia needs to take this opportunity to invest in growth via innovation and creation of intellectual property.  Such sunrise industries need local demand to justify further investment in the type of technological future that can continue to benefit Australia’s economy.

Policy Recommendations:


1. General

Consider the effect on demand and use of electric vehicles in order to better facilitate their adoption in everyday use when constructing laws and regulations.


2. Public Information

(1) Provide easy access to information regarding:

  1. Regulations and requirements pertaining to road going electric vehicles and to the conversion of vehicles to electric drive,
  2. Roadworthy approval and registration.

(2) Ensure sufficient trained, informed and qualified staff are available to support these requirements.

3. Industry and Education Support

Allocate and direct funding that is specific to electric vehicle technology, for industry support, research and development, and industry training and education in the field of road going electric vehicles.

4. Vehicle Registration

Introduce specific number plates or exemption stickers applicable to fully electric road registered vehicles that would allow certain exemptions such as:

  1. Exclusive access to parking space with recharging points,
  2. Exemption from fees at selected public parking facilities,
  3. Access to special transit lanes and exemption from public tolls and charges

5. Incentives

In order to encourage early adoption and uptake of electric vehicles by the public;   

  1. Introduce exemption from tax or charges applicable upon sale and registration of a fully electric road registered vehicle.
  2. A rebate or other incentive for the purchase or conversion of fully electric vehicles.

6. Recharging Points

Encourage, regulate and facilitate for public access electric vehicle recharging points at public parking facilities, shopping centres, rest stops, places of employment and public and other buildings.

7. Government Use of Electric Vehicles

Direct Government Departments and Government controlled entities to:

  1. Institute a policy to replace the conventional cars in their fleets with a percentage of fully electric vehicles,
  2. Install recharging points in their parking spaces,
  3. Offer incentives to employees who purchase an electric vehicle or convert a vehicle to electric.

8. Railways

Institute an expanded program of electric railway infrastructure in order to reduce the reliance on road and air transport for medium and long haul trips for freight and passengers. This can also include planning for Very Fast Trains to service capital cities and major regional centres.

9. Urban Public Transport

Promote , facilitate and plan for the following solutions for urban and outer urban public transport:

  1. Electric buses
  2. Light-rail
  3. Electric taxi fleets

10. Bicycles and Low Speed Vehicles

Investigate the effectiveness of existing regulations in regard to electrically assisted bicycles, speed restricted electric 2-wheel vehicles and other types of low speed vehicles as users of public roads, bike-paths and footpaths. These regulations should be examined with the view to relaxing them where warranted to increase ease of use where this will result in a mobility benefit to the general public.

11. Standards and Regulations

Ensure standards and regulations are consistent between all States and Territories.  These should be sufficiently open to encourage innovation and diversity of suppliers.  Relevant standards and regulations include, but are not limited to, those regarding:

  1. Charging infrastructure standards and safety requirements, including specification of pre-determined rates of charge (levels) applicable to road going electric vehicles,
  2. Safety and Roadworthy compliance,
  3. Vehicle labelling and categories (refer point 10).

12. Power Generation and Supply

  1. Planning should be implemented to cater for high demand fast recharging stations.
  2. Electricity billing provisions and metering equipment to allow for off-peak charging at discounted rates.
  3. Provisions to upgrade supply lines to dwellings for home re-charging.


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