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Facts about EVs



What are the benefits of electric vehicles?

For motorists

  • quiet, smooth and responsive handling
  • 70% fuel cost savings compared to petrol
  • using home solar, fuel becomes virtually free
  • 50% savings in maintenance costs compared to petrol cars
  • free registration for new purchases in ACT for 2 years, no stamp duty

For society

  • elimination of tailpipe emissions impacting public health
  • reduction in Australia's dependence on imported fuel
  • lower greenhouse gas emissions

Other considerations about electric vehicles

  • relatively high but falling purchase prices
  • growing range of models with greater driving range
  • increasing government incentives



Where can I buy an electric vehicle?

Up to $35,000


Check local dealers for availability and prices of:

Over $65,000

Check Tesla for the prices and specifications of the Model 3 (likely $69,000+) or Model Y ($74,000+)

Check local dealers for availability and prices of:

Fact sheets

Check out new models as they appear on the AEVA Fact Sheets.

How can I charge my EV?

At home

  • a standard power point with a charging cable, or
  • a dedicated charging outlet
  • without electric power at your parking space, use public chargers

Out and about

  • around town use the growing network of public chargers
  • on longer trips, use the expanding rapid charger network
  • use PlugShare to find nearby public chargers

Who are we?

We are the ACT Branch of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association representing electric vehicle owners and enthusiasts.

To get involved with AEVA

  • explore this website
  • come to our friendly meetings where you can share information about technical issues and driver experiences
  • join AEVA by visiting this page
  • join our Facebook group
  • visit our public Facebook page