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Newcastle EV showcase - 23rd-25th November 2018

AEVA at Entertain Newcastle


Newcastle Council, in parallel with the V8 Supercars event on 23rd-25th of November are running "Entertain Newcastle". One of the major events of  
Entertain Newcastle, the Newcastle Innovation Showcase will feature an EV display and EV test rides run by the NSW branch of the AEVA and supported by TOCA members in Hunter Street Mall. 

We are expecting around 20,000 people to come through the Showcase across the three days so it's a great opportunity to engage with the public and introduce them to electric vehicles. We have a number of Tesla owners and their vehicles coming to the event but with the huge crowds we are looking for more EV owners to join the showcase.

We are looking for help from AEVA members and the broader EV community including:
  - EV owners to bring their EV to the event for display and/or test rides
  - Driving loan electric vehicles to/from Sydney to Newcastle (such as the Renault Zoe, BMW i*, Outlander PHEV etc)
  - Attend without an EV and engage with the public about the display vehicles and manage test rides
  - Bring a Fonzarelli scooter and equipment to the event

It's a three day event and we would appreciate any support we can get whether for a half-day or multiple days.

For more information please contact David Hiley on 0421055195 or

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