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AEVA submissions to the Senate Select Committee on EVs

The Federal Government has established a special Senate Select Committee to hear about electric vehicles and what can be done to encourage their uptake.  The terms of reference are refreshingly straight forward.  More information about the committee can be found on the Australian Parliament House website while the full list of submissions can be found here. The AEVA's national executive has made a submission with a basic explanation as to why EV uptake is slow, and some policy measures we believe will accellerate the transition.  Several other state and territory branches have also made submissions with more detail and matters relevant to the region. These will be available for download from the Parliament House website by the weekend. We would like to thank Senator Storer for the opportunity to contribute on this important issue, and we look forward to some more EV-friendly policy measures being enacted at all levels of government. Chris Jones, AEVA national secretary.  
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