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This solar ferry in India runs on $2.60 a day


For the statistically minded here are some other facts about Aditya's operations below:

  • 22 trips per day (15 minutes each)
  • 75 people/trip, 1650 people/day (580,000/year)
  • 72.8 kWh of energy consumed/day (3.3kWh/trip)
  • 58% State of Charge (SOC) at end of day
  • ₹ 179 (rupees) grid charging cost per day 2.60 US$ (to top up batteries not charged by solar)
  • 58,000 litres of diesel saved
  • ₹ 4,612,000 – 65,000 US$ annual savings


*Kettering to Bruny Island takes about 15 minutes. But what about the cars you say? Passengers could just rent e-bikes on the Bruny end.