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Future Fuels Discussion Paper is a Farce

Today, the long-awaited discussion paper into greenhouse gas emissions of the transport sector was released by the federal government.  Titled "Future Fuels Strategy" the document is heavy on fossils and light on strategy.  The AEVA has penned a response accordingly.

Subtitled "Powering Choice" it's clear the government's plan is to allow the currently unsustainable dominance of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehciles to run its course for as long as possible, while providing bare-bones support for initiatives which actually reduce emissions, such as electric vehicles (EVs).

Given that manufacturers are going to cease making ICE vehicles in the next 10 years, the choice will effectively be made for us.

The report argues the high cost of EVs makes them too expensive an option for emissions reduction, and even supports hybrid ICE vehicles as they result in fewer greenhouse gas emissions than an EV charged from the grid, despite the fact that grid is getting cleaner as more solar and wind is added.  Indeed, the lifetime emissions predictions only go out as far as 4 years, despite cars being on the road for at least 10 or 15 years.  When the emissions intensity of the grid is factored in over this period, it's clear the EV emits less CO2 per km than the hybrid.

The irony is that this government has been doing everything in its power to ensure fossils continue to power our electricity grid; the very same grid it uses to argue against EVs!

In short, the discussion paper displays wilful ignorance of the clean transition already underway in both the energy and transport sectors.  It simply kicks the can down the road for a later date.

The discussion paper is seeking submissions and comments. AEVA will be making its submission shortly, and members are encouraged to do the same.