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FFS. What else can we say?

In February 2021 the Commonwealth Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources released the Future Fuels Strategy discussion paper, known as the FFS.

This was supposed to be the long anticipated EV policy framework which Australians hoped might chart a clear path to electric mobility. 

Instead, we got a weak and highly unambitous list of talking points, with an apparent disinterest in actually promoting EVs.

The minister for Emissions Reduction, Angus Taylor, certainly didn't appear to be emphasising the emissions reduction side of his portfolio; not quickly in any case.

The Australian Electric Vehicle Association responded to the FFS discussion paper with disappointment it wasn't more ambitious, and that an amazing opportunity was passing by.  A few simple suggestions to actually start reducing Australia's transport sector emissions were made, and unsurprisingly, EVs feature heavily.

Our full response can be read here.