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Fast Charging your BMW i3

The BMW i3 was one of the first practical electric vehicles sold in Australia. It even won the 2015 Wheels Car of the Year!
Current versions are even better, with many improvements over the years. One of the improvements was that from 2018, Australian i3s are fitted with the now standard CCS2 fast charging port.

The original i3s came with CCS1, which is not compatible. If you own one of these, you may be interested in a post on the AEVA forum asking for interest for a group buy of adapter cables. This should let you charge your CCS1 BMW using a CCS2 charger.


The forum post is here:

If you are interested, you can reply to the forum post by creating yourself a free forum account (not related to your AEVA member account).  Or contact your local AEVA branch secretary.