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EV chargers for V2G and V2H to arrive in Australia

Wallbox the market leader in EV chargers, will be bringing bidirectional chargers to Australia in April. They will be sold in Australia by well know local providers such as Jetcharge. Why is this important? Most vehicles including EVs are used for only around 5-10% of the time, going from home to work or on occasional long trips on the weekend or on holidays. The rest of the time they are sitting idle.

What if you could now use your EV to power your home when parked in the garage or as part of a visual power plant when parked at work and even getting paid to charge! All this becomes possible with the Quaser bidirectional charger from Wallbox.

At first, only EVs with the chademo standard will be able to use the bidirectional chargers but vehicles with the CCS standard will follow soon.


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