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Even though this is treated as a branch, it is really about AEVA as a whole, and things to do with the National Executive

Minister comments on Electric Cars


In a first for a serving Australian Government Minister, Josh Frydenberg has shown his in-depth understanding of the exciting future and potential benefits of electric vehicles in an opinion piece published in major newspapers.  

Minutes to the 2017 AEVA Annual General Meeting

The 44th annual general meeting of the AEVA was held in Devonport Tasmania on the 11th of November 2017.

Minutes to this meeting are presented here, along with the signed statement of accounts, as per the association's obligations under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act of 2014 (Vic).


Chris Jones

National Secretary, AEVA


AEVA's submission to the Vehicle Emission Standards Draft Regulatory Impact Statement

The AEVA recently made a submission to the Australian Government's draft regulatory impact statement (RIS) on changes to the way vehicle emissions are regulated and implemented.  Please find the media release linked below for circulation - 

Press release 24 May 2017.doc

Beyond Zero Emissions Electric Vehicle report

The Beyond Zero Emissions think tank had the Melbourne Launch of their Electric vehicle report on the 2nd of November 2016. The report found a shift to 100% electric passenger vehicles in urban areas powered by renewable energy was realistic and affordable and would eliminate at least 6% of Australia’s greenhouse emissions.

Tritium Launches new range of fast chargers

Tritium the Australian based award winning technology company active in the EV space has announced the addition of 3 new charger models to supplement the existing Veefil 50Kw DC fast charger. The company can now offer one of it's uniquely small footprint chargers for a range of applications and needs.