Curtis 1221C

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Curtis 1221C

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Hi All
I am fitting a Curtis 1221C controller to my Proton Satria conversion, (120volt) reading the controller manual it states that the plug braking feature should not be used for on road vehcles. Is it the normal thing to not connect a cable fron the A2 on the controller to the motor. Has anyone come accross this with conversions in the past?


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Curtis 1221C

Post by antiscab »

Hi Kim,

the negative tab on the controller should be common with both the batteries and the motor.
there should also be separate positive tabs to both the motor and the batteries.

Im not sure what these are labeled as, but i would be surprised if the 1221C has a seperate tab to go to the motor for plug braking.

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Curtis 1221C

Post by zeva »

Whoah there Matt.. your Zilla is different to the Curtis controllers.. Curtis (in fact most DC controllers) have B+ and M+ common, with B- and M- separate:

(Zilla seem to be the odd one out - maybe using the IGBTs on the high side internally for some reason?)

But in response to your question Kim, yes you can safely ignore the A2 (plug braking) terminal on your 1221, it doesn't serve a useful purpose for us and is reputed to be rather "under-rated" for the big motors we use in road-going EVs!
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Curtis 1221C

Post by Taffy »

We use it on the e-racing car and when you place the terminal side towards you we have the bottom right unconnected.
That is the A2 and the car runs fine.

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