List of conversion workshops in Australia

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Re: List of conversion workshops in Australia

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Graeme Manietta will know for sure.
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Re: List of conversion workshops in Australia

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francisco.shi wrote:
Tue, 22 Jan 2019, 12:47
I am looking for a certification engineer to certify my conversion.
Does any one know of any engineers in Qld?
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Re: List of conversion workshops in Australia

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Krayzie keegs wrote:
Tue, 21 Aug 2018, 17:35
:D I know it's been some time on this post. I am looking into starting a project in Point Cook Victoria. the goal is to convert my own car than open a shop of some degree as no one in the area has or is doing it.

feel for the market and funds will dictate

I am a mechanic turn electrician, now doing HV for the 600V DC tram network,
who do we still have in the area for parts, been looking at US market but we all know how that flys
Hey mate, Anything come of this yet?

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