Spongy brakes?

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Spongy brakes?

Post by g4qber »

I have found that I have to really push hard to stop
Or start braking earlier
I've gone over the stop line more often than on the imiev

Pumping the brakes at standstill one can feel the sponginess

I tend not to use the brakes a lot due to regen

I guess the best thing to do is drive like a limo driver or chauffeur
Ie smoothly, so that passengers don't spill their drinks

http://www.themotorreport.com.au/54934/ ... ive-review

http://www.autoweek.com/article/2013030 ... /130229849


mushy <added 4 march 2014>
http://www.autonet.ca/en/2011/01/14/201 ... et-volt-en
My only issue with Volt’s otherwise solid driving dynamics is a mushy brake pedal. Most ABS systems don’t let you push the pedal to the floor, this one does.
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Spongy brakes?

Post by marty11 »

they are different from other cars.

I am more used to the Volt braking now though, and I drive in L all the time and pland touse regen to stop mostly, only push the brake pedal down hard if needed etc.

Am happy with braking here. But I did read the motoring writers comments about the "feel " of the brakes. And perception means a lot! Am sure that gm is aware of it, I believe its mainly in low, under full regen, then applying the brakes, there is a small "gap" or "hesitation" not sure if that is software related whilst hardware is changing things from regen to actual braking.
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