PIP-4048MS and PIP-5048MS inverters

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Re: PIP-4048MS and PIP-5048MS inverters

Post by Nietschy » Today, 13:30

Hey coulomb thank you so much for your reply!
coulomb wrote:
Today, 11:16
Oh! I didn't pay proper attention to your other grid-tied inverter. I had assumed that most of your panels would be connected to the PIP-5048GK. In fact, do you have any solar panels on the PIP-5048GK at all?
As a matter of fact no, not yet, maybe never.
The 24x 320W panels on my roof are more than enough for now.
? But SUb prioritises Utility over battery. While there is utility available, the battery won't be used. I believe that you need SbU here. My understanding is that this inverter can't blend battery and utility power; it's one or the other. That's presumably why you can't get it out of line mode at night.
Oh maaan, sorry for the confusion!
I mixed it up when telling you. Of course I use SbU at night!!!
Sorry again.

No it can not blend anything.
It is battery or bypass nothing else.
The only thing that was new for me, was that it can still overload when in bypass mode... But that is no big deal.

So... I have news from my change of rising the recharge value (parameter 12) to 49 volts...
It was a bad idea and its obvious now. The PIP recharged half of the night from AC in. No big deal, but useless for my project.

Soo.. since I can not get any modified firmware, I will go the custom battery setting route and kick my BMS integration with the Pylontech that way.
Would be great if the BMS communication would still work, but I doubt it.

I will try to set your suggestions out of your FAQ (lowering the cut off voltage a lot) and see where it gets me.
I think the BMS of the battery itself will cut off on its own when needed (hopefully!).

Thanks again!

If you have any more tips to get my charging speed changed, I would be happy to hear them.
I run an Ubuntu Server on an old laptop, so I can run anyting from shell, python to binarys of some sort. I can also compile c if needed.
So I guess the easiest route would be a binary for every change I need. So I can start "20A AC charing.bin" or "40A AC charging.bin" whatever needed.
What I try to say here is: I just need ANY linux way to change this setting with my USB (hidraw0 device) on my inverter...
I just do not want to ditch the homeassistant way of reading the data (feeding with MQTT...), becauuse I started to like it a lot.

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