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Zoe from sea level to 870metres and back

Posted: Tue, 18 Jun 2019, 09:32
by doggy
This is more for non-Zoe owners or for those who have not yet done any hill climbing. At least two of us have been over the Blue Mountains (in Sydney) and return with max altitude 1,100metres- which is a peak beyond Lithgow and the Blue Mountains. Zoe manages hills very well and quite economically. Beoing able to regen at up to 43kW is a definite advantage over cars which can only regen to 15-20kW..

The following data is for a return trip of 257.6kms from sea level to 870metres and return on one charge. From Avalon Beach NSW to Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains, 5.6km local travel and return. At least half was 100km/hr with several kms of 110km/hr. Temperature 12degC with the heating on.

Outwards (climbing):

Altitude: 0 to 870metres
Distance: 126km
Battery used: 20.0kWHrs
Battery remaining: 46%
Regeneration: 2kW
Indicated: 16.4kW/100km and average speed 66.5km/hr.
GOM (Guessometer) shows 113km to empty

Total trip figures(descending):

Altitude: 870 to 0metres
Distance: 257.6km (nett 131.6km)
Battery used: 34kWHr (nett 14kWHr)
Battery remaining: 13%
Regeneration: 7kWHrs (nett 5kWHr)
Indicated: 13.3kW/100km and average speed 61.5km/hr
GOM shows 48km to empty

CanZE showed 39kWHr of usable battery capacity for the trip. SOH is 99%. CanZE also shows about 1.5kWHrs "in reserve".

Before the trip, I reset the "odometers" and before this, the GOM showed 325km. In other words, our average usage over the past 700km (since previous 100% charge and reset) was 325km per charge. Again, very good for start/stop driving around Sydney.


Re: Zoe from sea level to 870metres and back

Posted: Tue, 18 Jun 2019, 11:48
by jonescg
I only noticed the guess-o-meter when I went up Welshpool road in the Perth hills - I lost 20 km of range in about 6 km while gaining 240 m in altitude.
CanZE would no doubt be far more informative than the screen in the car.

Re: Zoe from sea level to 870metres and back

Posted: Tue, 18 Jun 2019, 13:04
by doggy
The GOM is actually quite reasonable and I don't use CanZE on a trip except to occasionally get some extra info at the end of a trip. As in a petrol/diesel car, it uses your past performance over about 170km to predict the future, with more weighting on the recent performance. Once you get experience with hills, you have a pretty good idea of what the ups/down are going to do with range. The Eco screen shows plenty of useful stats (all the data above is from that screen- except SOH and the 39kWHrs available). When driving, as you know kWHr used you can make mental adjustments like "we've gone up but are only going down about half of that". When I turned back for home, the car warned me that I was not going to make it and asked if I wanted to add a charging stop. Also, Tom Tom showed red for the Km to go, then when the GOM had me getting there with about 30km to go it went orange, then finally went off when the GOM said I'd make it by 40+km. However, knowing that I was going down 870metres and the km shortfall was not very much, I had total confidence and no range anxiety. If you click on the red/orange km to go, you can add in the charging stop any time you like.

Re: Zoe from sea level to 870metres and back

Posted: Tue, 18 Jun 2019, 14:12
by jonescg
Agreed about the GOM's accuracy - I was counting the 5 km intervals as we approached each town and comparing that to the range remaining, and it more or less tracked it point for point. On a few occasions the GOM was pessimistic, but we'd gone up some slight inclines, only to recover those missing km some time later.