Wanted: Zoe ownership experience articles for EV News

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Wanted: Zoe ownership experience articles for EV News

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Hi all – Bryce (editor of EV News, our national newsletter) here.

Letting you know that I am putting together a companion lift-out for the Oct-Dec edition (the Expo edition) of EV News.

The lift-out will be called EV Buyers Guide’, and (hopefully) will include everything you need to know to choose, buy, charge and look after an EV.

It will include a summary of all the BEVs and PHEVs currently on the market in Australia. I am also hoping to be able to intersperse the summaries with owner reviews. (Given we are the AEVA, this is what we best offer to the EV buying public!)

AND, this is where you – the owners on this forum - come in. ;-)

I am looking for articles following the following template on your Zoe ownership experience:
• Note: max 750 words (plus a pic-optional)
• Why you chose a Zoe
• Your option choices (not that there a lot for a Zoe!)
• Your buying experience as it relates relating to dealer EV knowledge & time taken for delivery
• Your likes about it since taking ownership
• Any niggles you may be finding with the car (if any)
• Your EVSE installation experience
• Your actual EV range vs the window sticker/manufacturer stated ones
• Would you recommend it to someone else?
• Deadline: September 1st

If you’re interested in supplying such an article, please email me at bryceg@zoho.com

Many thanks
AEVA Vic Branch Secretary
AEVA national newsletter editor
Current EV drives: Kona electric, 2001 Berlingo conversion
Selling: 2011 Leaf
Past drive: 2011 Blade Getz
Past Conversions: DC Berlingo, AC Berlingo, AC Sprinter

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