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Reverse motor in fwd gear

Posted: Fri, 14 Nov 2008, 13:16
by Mesuge
Richo wrote: Unfortunately with the lack of RWD cars it's getting to the point of convert FWD or die.

Sadly very true, the choice among RWD donors is limited to baby Benz, late 1980s MB190E, one of the best cars ever made, massively and successfully overengineered on every level, but now ~20yrs old. Or alternatively any BMWs which are a bit on the heavy/expensive side.

In terms of FWDs, there is also the option of using aftermarket differential mated to the 132frame emotor (diff. capable of this torque in low rmps) instead of keeping the original gearbox. Basically that's the Tikhonov style, however many of the FWD donors don't have that much space in front there for this hack.

Also, AzureDynamic(Solectria) is offering some sort of gearbox w. integrated front differential in our <50kW range, it's a bit expensive but there must be some industrial equivalents to it: