Bas Fiat x1/9

Post up a thread for your EV. Progress pics, description and assorted alliteration
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Bas Fiat x1/9

Post by Bas » Tue, 10 Feb 2009, 01:12


I joined in December with the intent of converting my Fiat X1/9.

Since then I have :
1. read a lot on the net (including most of the posts on this site)
2. visited Eugen Goombi (hoped to do a reasonable $7-8k conversion – not possible his low rev motor no good for the gearing of the Fiat)
3. Visited Edward Booth and learnt a lot about his Fiat X1/9 conversion.
4. Talked to a number you on and off line and to most of the suppliers in Oz.

My target is about 100kph 60-80 km range.

So I’m ready to go but would welcome comment on my present plan/options of main components:

General 120volt Lith/ium system Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries 120v/3.3v = 38 cells x LFP90AHA with Cell modules BMS etc

Option 1 Motor ADC 8” 203-06—4001A      
Curtis Controller 1231C-8601 96-144 volt 500 amp

Option 2 ADC 6.7” L91-4001
Curtis Controller 1221C-7401 72-120 volt 400 amp,

Option 1 is very similar to Edward’s car except mine would be 166Kg lighter because of using Lith/ron. He gets120kph+ and 50-60 kms range car weights 1000kg.

Option 2 is $2-3k cheaper and I don’t need the 120kph.

I guess Options 3&4 could be 1221 controller and 8” motor or 1231 controller and 6.7” motor.

Happy for other suggestions in the $12-15K range.

Thanks, Barry

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Bas Fiat x1/9

Post by antiscab » Tue, 10 Feb 2009, 09:59

Gday Barry,

good to see another mid engine conversion :D
i say go for the bigger motor and controller, you will stress both less, and get more performance.

another option would be to use 85 40AH cells and this: ... tSheet.pdf

depending on how much u were paying for a curtis 1231C and 8" motor, price would work out to be about the same.
motor wired in delta would give 38kw between 4000rpm and 7000rpm.

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