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Second Meeting - CanberraEV Group

Posted: Sun, 01 Jun 2008, 23:37
by mickles

Just a reminder that the second meeting of our EV group will be held at 7.30 pm, Thursday 5 June in the (Catchpole Room) at Wests Rugby Club, Catchpole Street, Jamison, Macquarie ACT (opposite the Jamison shopping centre). The Catchpole Room is not the same room where we met last time. Some of us will be eating at Wests (Black Fig Bristro) from 6.30 so feel free to come early and join us. Sign yourself in by putting your name on the list at the door.

Proposed agenda (more detailed version soon) Send in any items you may wish to add.
Hello/introduction to/by new members
Show-and-tells/progress reports on projects (more details later)
Consider affiliation options (AEVA, ANZSES, SEE-Change etc)
Possible meeting venues (where easier to have hardware present)
Possible meeting times/day
Other business/ideas

Look forward to seeing you there.

Second Meeting - CanberraEV Group

Posted: Wed, 18 Jun 2008, 04:32
by mickles
Once again I am replying to my own message to post the notes from our second meeting! Here they are but I removed a photo because I suspect that I can't include it in this forum.......

These are some notes for the meeting of the Canberra Electric Vehicle group held on Thursday June 5th at Wests Rugby Club, Macquarie, ACT.

There is some doubt about the number of attendees! Bill Gresham counted 28. There were 29 ticks and new names on the list that we circulated. However, it was a big crowd and some people may have missed the list. We need to get this better organised next time. There were 5 apologies.

The mailing list now has 47 entries including 3 without email addresses.

People gave a brief introduction of themselves and it is clear that we have a broad cross section of interests. These cover DIY car conversion, car conversion by professionals, bikes and trikes, motorbikes and the public policy area.

1. Dave Micklethwaite showed photos of his electric farm buggy which he started work on after the first meeting. The project is a converted ride-on mower (without the mower deck) with a 24V motor and controls salvaged from an electric pallet lift truck. He plans to run it on 36V with a speed controller from an electric golf cart.
2. Lawrence Macintosh and Huy Nguyen from the ANU gave a presentation on their electric car project. Inspired by Louis Palmer's Solar taxi in February 2008. The group indicated an in-principle willingness to assist. Lawrence and Huy to report to the next meeting on what sort of help they need.
3. Sascha Saharov talked briefly about his conversion of an elderly Toyota Hilux ute. This has a ADC 9" motor, Curtis 1231 speed controller, 24 x Trojan T105 6V golf cart batteries (144V total) and Woods battery charger. After the meeting we were able to examine his car in the car park. Don't miss his presentation at the next meeting!

The decision was postponed regarding affiliation options. There was some discussion about the insurance requirements of a group such as ours and whether these would be met by policies held by SEE-Change, ANZSES and AEVA. The first two groups have indicated a willingness to "adopt" the Canberra EV group as a special interest group but their insurance may not cover any special requirements of a group interested in electric vehicles. The AEVA are keen for us to become their Canberra branch and it seems likely that their insurance cover would be more appropriate. Bill Gresham is to seek more details of what insurance cover we get be becoming a branch of AEVA.
Sascha Saharov is to determine what insurance cover we ideally should have.

Suggested Group activities:
1. Enter something in the Darwin to Adelaide challenge 2009
2. Convert a 1993 Yamaha DT200

Other suggestions:
1. Form a committee to do the admin stuff to reduce time spent on that at monthly meetings; first job would be to look into the affiliation and insurance issues and make a recommendation.
2. Make a web site to advertise the group, post practical information (what to do, how to do, where to get) and to publish write-ups of members' projects.

Meeting day:
The second Thursday of the month was selected for our meeting night. The next meeting will be on Thursday, 10 July.

There was no discussion on venue, but suggestions are sought. Wests is free, warm and has a restaurant and bar but is noisy and not really suitable for showing hardware. Suggestions please.

Proposed topics for July Meeting:
1. Sascha to present on the conversion of his Toyota ute.
2. Nick and Sarah to present on progress with their conversion of a 1994 Charade.
3. Lawrence and Huy to give an update on their project and provide some ideas on possible assistance the group could give them.
4. Charles to give an update Suzuki Swift conversion project (to be confirmed)

Proposed topics for August Meeting:
1. Dave Micklethwaite's farm buggy
2. Chris Curtis to bring solar bike (to be confirmed)

Stop Press:
Not part of the meeting but as a result of it there have been two interviews on local radio. The first involved Lawrence McIntosh and Huy Nguyen talking about their electric car project. The second was an interview with Dave Micklethwaite about the idea of EV conversion. These were both short but we got some good advertising for the Canberra group and enquiries from new people.
Also, we have a volunteer webmaster; Karl Goiser has volunteered to set up a web site for us and we hope that this will help spread the word more widely.

And finally, a picture of the engine compartment in Sascha's ute, to show you what car engines really should look like. Thanks to Pete Gorton who took this photo on his mobile phone in a dark car park!

Photo omitted!

Second Meeting - CanberraEV Group

Posted: Wed, 02 Jul 2008, 23:31
by Arthur Davies
Where is next meeting?



Second Meeting - CanberraEV Group

Posted: Thu, 03 Jul 2008, 00:29
by mickles
Hi Arthur,

Please send an email to so I can add your emial address to the list. That way you will reveive reminders when they go out.

The next meeting is 7.30 pm, Thursday 10 July in the Catchpole Room at Wests Rugby Club, Catchpole Street, Jamison, Macquarie ACT (opposite the Jamison shopping centre).

See you there, but please send your email address.