Electric Truck article in our local paper

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Electric Truck article in our local paper

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My local paper 'Diamond Valley Leader' (Victoria) has printed a short article headlined "TNT makes truckloads of emission savings" which describes the trucking firm TNT introducing a fleet of "more than 100 electric trucks in Britain, China and Australia".

I can't find a web reference to the actual article, but it is basically a reprint of a press release from TNT at:
http://www.tnt.com/country/en_au/about/ ... p_its.html
which has a few technical details.

Whilst the press release doesn't actually say that any of these 7.5 tonne, 80 km/h, 200km range electric trucks are headed for Australia (only 10 hybrid trucks currently) I thought this was noteworthy for AEVA for two reasons:
1) It was in a suburban newspaper.
2) It presents an electric vehicle alternative for some current transport needs not framed in a "treehugger, hippie, hobbyist" view but rather a serious environmental and economic view.


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