Article in The Age today

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Article in The Age today

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Very interesting article. It says what I have believed for many years. Hydrogen PFFFT! ... 01908.html

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Article in The Age today

Post by acmotor »

Well spotted.
The problem is this is news about final admissions by car companies that pure plug in battery electric is the way. Have they all said their piece yet ?

Ok, now they have come to that admission, when are the cars offered ?

Give me a news break about a car company releasing 100,000 EVs today !

Sorry, I'm back to my EV conversions.
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Article in The Age today

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At least the car companies are openly admitting that hybrid is but a stepping stone to electric.

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Article in The Age today

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They just need to stop building "punishment cars" and start building real EVs. Hatchbacks = bleh.
I'll drive an electric vehicle one day.

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