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2018 eV Challenge

Posted: Sun, 19 Aug 2018, 05:11
by Clay
G'day all. Been quite a while since I last posted on the forum. Lots to read through!

Anyway, the 2018 eV Challenge will be held on Saturday October 27th at the Hurricane Go Kart Club, 99 Burma Rd Wundowie. Gates open at 12, events start at 2pm-ish. Any and all EVs are more than welcome.

2017 saw a massive improvement in range, efficiency and speed at this grassroots event, with the top three finishers all going 8+km further than the pevious record with the same battery capacity, an increase of nearly 25%.

If you'd like more info please have a look at and drop us a pm there. Cheers!

Re: 2018 eV Challenge

Posted: Wed, 22 Aug 2018, 12:28
by Aevzer
Will check that out

Re: 2018 eV Challenge

Posted: Wed, 22 Aug 2018, 15:28
by jonescg
I have been meaning to get out to this event for the last three years (although some of my batteries have made it!)
I'll see if we can get the race bike up there for a demo :)

Re: 2018 eV Challenge

Posted: Sat, 13 Oct 2018, 13:49
by Geoffozz
I belong to the Sports Car Builders Club and we often help out at this event. We'll be there this year. We may bump into one another.

Re: 2018 eV Challenge

Posted: Thu, 25 Oct 2018, 12:23
by Richo

Reminder that this is on this weekend.

Re: 2018 eV Challenge

Posted: Sat, 03 Nov 2018, 23:16
by Geoffozz
Well, I attended the event as a flag marshal, along with my mates from the SCBC. It's a bit of a culture clash, as our cars aren't electric and generally don't even pretend to get good fuel consumption. However we understand some of the issues involved in the planning and construction of vehicles from scratch, so we do have something in common.

I was able to chat with a few of the teams and also looked at the way they had approached solving the mechanical parts of the construction puzzle. I'm still learning about the electrical engineering side of the equation. One thing that stood out was the weight penalty that some teams were carrying. The use of bolts that would hold a bridge together, lots of excess thread as well, too many cross pieces or ones that do nothing for transferring the load. I was very impressed to see people using Corflute for body panels instead of sheets of aluminium.

There were some great results with many teams achieving better results than last year. Also it seemed a lot of the cars had plenty in reserve after the 62 minutes on running time, as there did not seem to be as many cars creeping along on the last couple of laps.

When time permits I will link to some of the video I took from my flaggies position. Unfortunately I didn't get any video for Class B as A) it was too dark and B) it was a hectic event with 23 starters!

Re: 2018 eV Challenge

Posted: Mon, 05 Nov 2018, 12:51
by Richo
Yeah I was there too.
Unfortunately after 5 hours and only seeing 3 cars run I gave up and went home.
I have been going to these events since its inception and I think this was the worst organised I've seen.
Definitely NOT a spectator sport.

The key secret design to the winner of class C was sand paper and clag...

On the plus side I got to see real a Sonic7.
It was in the car park.
Most people seem oblivious.
I would have paid to have a drive of that!

Re: 2018 eV Challenge

Posted: Mon, 05 Nov 2018, 23:22
by Geoffozz
"The key secret design to the winner of class C was sand paper and clag..."

Haha - yes, I saw the drive method and was quite surprised, but it does avoid the inevitable parasitic friction of belts and chains. The motor controller implementation was pretty ingenious, if I understood it correctly.

The Sonic 7 has just been registered and the owner is still sorting out a few bugs, but it is a very smooth design. Our club also has a Sylva J15 which is also a very nice car. Nothing electric at the moment though.

The green Birkin clubman near the Sonic was mine. There was an electric Birkin for sale in WA a couple of years ago, but the drivetrain and batteries were not up to current spec (at the time) so it was sold as a rolling chassis. Not sure what happened to the electrics.

Re: 2018 eV Challenge

Posted: Tue, 06 Nov 2018, 12:35
by Richo
Yep saw your car too - very niice!
I thought it too much of a coincidence that all the nice cars were lined up.