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Dural to Wisemans Ferry - Sunday 16th October

Posted: Tue, 11 Oct 2016, 22:22
by dgh853
As mentioned at last week's AEVA meeting a couple of friends are doing an EV drive/ride from McDonald's Dural to Wisemans Ferry on Sunday 16th October.

We'll grab a coffee at McDonalds Dural at 10am and will leave between 10:30-11:00. Lunch at Wisemans Ferry Inn and then head back to McDonalds Dural or back home. It's about 42km between McDonalds Dural and Wisemans Ferry (so 84km return). For those with time and EV with over 100km range, after lunch a few of us will go the long way home - across the ferry and through to Spencer and up to Peat Ridge and then back to Hornsby via the Old Pacific Highway. It's about 115km for the long way round (and about 175km in total back to McDonalds Dural). For those on this loop we may add a stop at Peats Ridge and you're welcome to top up at my place in Wahroonga which has 3 phase available and plenty of 10A and 15A sockets as well as various EVSEs.

Hope you can join us for some of the day.