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Ralph's Citroen 2cv electric solaire

Posted: Fri, 05 Aug 2011, 03:25
My electric citroen 2cv ute is running well.
The most distance I have travelled on one charge to date is 50Km
It easily exceeds 110Kmh speed limit.
I have a word document about this project. How do I post it on this forum????
cheers ralph

Ralph's Citroen 2cv electric solaire

Posted: Fri, 05 Aug 2011, 05:41
by coulomb
RALPH wrote: I have a word document about this project. How do I post it on this forum????

Not easily. You could save it as text, or just copy the text to the clipboard and paste it into a "post reply" panel. That would leave out fonts and formatting, which is probably OK, but it would also leave out all images.

You'd have to save each image separately, and reformat them (usually just by resizing if necessary) to occupy less than 100 kB.

If you like, send me a private message, I'll send you my email address, so you can email it to me and I'll do it for you. I'm always interested in other conversions.

Ralph's Citroen 2cv electric solaire

Posted: Mon, 08 Aug 2011, 17:26
More smiles per gallon
This was the logo on the back of a Citroen 2cv I followed around England and parts of Europe in 1990. At that time the Aussie dollar was buying about 30 English Pence and petrol was about 93P to the litre. In France fuel was even more expensive. In Australian dollars we were paying $3.00 a litre and sometimes more.
We were also driving a Citroën 2cv and getting 45 to 50 Miles per Gallon. The Europeans make good economical cars because of their usually high fuel costs. We in Australia commonly drive big fuel expensive cars and more fuel hungry 4WDs. I am a Citroën enthusiast and delight in driving the iconic Citroën 2cv. I have even converted a damaged Citroën 2cv into an all electric powered utility. Now instead of more miles to the gallon, I can drive on free solar electricity that is collected by the solar panels on the roof of our house. Any excess solar power generated, feeds in to the grid. We have ‘smart power’ which means that during the day the electricity cost is more and at night it is less. So we sell excess power to ‘Synergy’ when the sun is shining, and we charge the electric car at night time when the cost to us is less. We sometimes sell for up to 47 cents a unit, the standard rate is about 21 cents a unit and we charge the electric car, over night, for a cost of less than 11 cents a unit.
A full recharge of the utility, takes at less than 6 hours at 10 amps, which costs about $1.50. The ute easily does the 110KM speed limit, but like all vehicles is more economic at 80 to 90Kmh. Best of all, is that we export more power than we use, so the $1.50 for each recharge, comes off the $510.80 that Synergy currently owe us for our solar energy input. I have proven that the range is at least 50 km. If we do just 50Km for $1.50, the cost is 3cents a Km. For the $500 that we are owed we can drive 17,000Km. This surely is:     More smiles for every mile.
As we drive free, using solar energy.
Ralph Hibble. August 2011

Ralph's Citroen 2cv electric solaire

Posted: Thu, 01 Dec 2011, 16:05
I modified my 2cv
to run on electricity.
It is a lot of fun
with fuel from the sun
to drive arond for free.

Synergy continue to to owe us for our household solar electricity. I have now driven over 2,500 Km at no cost for fuel

About the death of the electric car in the USA.
check out the website for 'Berlingo Electrique enthusiasts'.
I saw this car when new, 1996, in the showrooms in France.
It is good to see they are still running and are sought after by enthusiasts.
Enjoy solar electricity while it is not taxed.