Support Voltron at the TTX-GP!

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Support Voltron at the TTX-GP!

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Dear Perth Branch AEVA members,

If you were at the Perth branch meeting last night you would have seen my report back on the inaugural, official electric motorcycle race at Eastern Creek Raceway. For those who weren’t, Andy Marsh has put together this 13 minute mini-documentary which sums up the weekend’s racing beautifully. My team race report can viewed here. I was proud to represent Western Australia and the Perth AEVA while I was over there, and the ‘no fuel’ AEVA sticker can be seen prominently on the right hand side of my bike!

I believe racing is one of the most important ways electric motorcycles, and electric vehicles in general can evolve into genuinely competitive machines that the public will desire. The old adage of ‘Win on Sunday sell on Monday’ still hold true today. Unfortunately racing is expensive, and the creation of a whole new class of racing, needing specialist scrutineers and safety measures, adds further expense.

For this reason the race entry fee for round one of the Formula Xtreme sanctioned event was $1095. The other two competitors are members of the Sydney branch of the AEVA, and at a branch meeting, it was proposed that the treasurer support individual donations dollar for dollar. In three minutes Jon (Catavolt) and Daniel (Ripperton) raised $650 from members, which was doubled to cover over half of their entry fees.

I covered the round one full fee myself, as well as the freight costs of getting my machine over to Sydney. Flights to and from Sydney were covered as well – the perils of living in WA. Through personal donations from friends and supporters, I was able to raise some additional funds to cover transport costs and Glowworm Electric Bicycles in Sydney generously donated $250 in return for prominent stickers and media exposure. Many other WA based companies have supported the construction of my race bike, including the following: EV-Power, EV-Works, Two Wheel Wreckers, Goodwill Engineering and many, many more.

I am very grateful for the support I have received so far, but I believe that the Perth Branch of the AEVA can make a contribution also. Not only am I promoting my machine, I am representing the WA electric vehicle community; a large, diverse and very active EV community.

Thus I am politely requesting from fellow members of the Perth Branch of the AEVA to donate whatever you can to support my entry fees for the next race at Winton Raceway. With the support of members, the treasurer may choose to leverage this figure further. Please reply to me with a commitment of whatever you would like to offer; everything is appreciated no matter how small. I will cover flights and transport personally.

Thanks, and I look forward to representing WA in September!

Kindest Regards,


AEVA National Secretary, WA branch chair.

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