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Roof Rack/bars

Posted: Fri, 04 Oct 2019, 15:44
by Kangavue
Does anyone have pros or cons for roof bar installation? Just wondering if unloaded they have a negative effect, or even noise. Thinking about installing on a Kona Electric.

Re: Roof Rack/bars

Posted: Fri, 04 Oct 2019, 20:15
by EVdownUnder
The short answer:
Pros: They allow you to carry stuff.
Cons: Even the best ones make some noise at high speed and they WILL make you use more "fuel" even if empty.
The longer answer, from having used many from cheap and nasty to way too expensive, put the money for the "tear-drop" shaped ones. They are MUCH quieter at high speed but if unlucky (unlucky because very hard to know before you fork-out the $300-400) can still whistle due to the mounting brackets or various imperfections.
As for the consumption, according to the few research you can find on the web, they will had 2 to 3% (corrected from 10 to 15%) to your highway consumption if empty, and up to 30% with a bike on it.
If fuel efficiency is important to you, buy good ones and remove them when not in use (again the more expensive ones can be very quick to install/remove), and pump your tires much higher than the recommended manufacturer's values. And use aircon if needed. Bad but much better than driving with the windows down at speed.
I edited the expected added highway consumption as the 10 to 15% results came from studies of police cars and taxis. It seems from the limited studies done with modern shaped roof bars that the consumption increase is much closer to 2 to 3%. One roof bar manufacturer studied their own bars and found that the difference between the heavy-duty square bars and the lighter-duty tear-drop shaped ones is a factor of 10 to 1. Ouch !

Re: Roof Rack/bars

Posted: Sat, 05 Oct 2019, 05:10
by Kangavue
Many thanks Patrick. The Hyundai genuine accessories are in the price of $375. I will check out to see the tear drop shape and if they are easily removable.
Thank you for the informative reply.

Re: Roof Rack/bars

Posted: Sat, 05 Oct 2019, 05:42
by brendon_m
@$375 for the genuine ones that's probably the best option.

A few points from my experiences with roof racks-

I've tried square bars before and they are noisy but handy because they're easy to tie onto.
Cheap "aerodynamic" ones in my experience are noisier than good square ones but it's not hard to be quieter than the noise from a set of eBay special teardrops that I had. It's like someone was holding a harmonica out the window at any speed over 40kmh.
That being said I fit a basket to the cheapies and they were then quiet up to 80kmh. If I then put stuff in the basket the noise would change again(in both volume, pitch and speed in which it occurs). The basket was super handy but if I was travelling long distances often with it empty it would come off to prevent me becoming homicidal.
$375 is about the price you would pay for a set of rhino racks or a similar quality brand which have a good chance of not whistling but most cars I've driven with genuine racks fitted are quiet so while its not a sure thing, genuine is probably your best chance of being quiet.

Also if you fit some and they're noisy, try moving them around a bit if possible. If you can change how the air hits them they might shut up. My boss had a set of genuine racks on a Suzuki Vitara that were silent their whole life, almost undetectable. He moved the front one back a bit (like 50mm) and after that there was a whistle.

Re: Roof Rack/bars

Posted: Sun, 06 Oct 2019, 04:30
by HuffnPuff
The factory ones are probably either rhino or Rola racks with a Hyundai sticker. Try to find out which and you might get them a smidgen cheaper elsewhere. Not that they are slightly different profile so accessories might not be switch between brands.

I don’t have experience with EV and roof racks, but I’ve had Rola brand aero racks on several cars and they’ve been pretty good. Minimal noise, easy to install, especially with factory roof rails and a cordless drill instead of the Allen key provided. I stuck with Rola so I could continue using my bike rack accessory.

I usually remove them within a week of using them and always before a highway trip. they make less fuel economy difference around town at 60, so there is less imperative to remove.